Church Update

Regarding to the current COVID-19 situation
From 22nd March, please visit for our joint church service with BECE.

Tonight the Prime Minister issued a national emergency mobilization order to the whole of England with the following focus:

  1. Stay at home unless necessary to go out, for example, to buy food, to see a family doctor, to buy.
    Medicine, go to the bank.
  2. It starts late, all companies, clothes shops, electronic appliances and so on. Out of business. You can shop online and reduce out-of-the-way.
  3. You can go to the park for limited exercise, but the fitness room is not open.
  4. Those who go out to work, who can stay at home and work online, stay at home.
  5. The above urgent measures are aimed at reducing viral infection and reducing the pressure and resources on NHS to save more patients lives.
  6. The Government authorizes the police to prohibit additional powers to prohibit multiple gatherings, including church worship, weddings and other forms of gathering.

    The prime minister called for unity and cooperation in the fight against coronavirus.